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Photography Workshops

Good photographs are no coincidence

You can book me for an individual one-to-one workshop on several photography topics: 

  • How to become a (better) photographer (beginners)

  • Developing an individual photographic style

  • Architecture photography

  • Landscape and nature photography

  • Portrait photography (available light and in my studio)

Contact me for inquiring a personal workshop for one or two participants: 

Since March 2020 I am also an instructor for Swiss Photo Club. Since 2016 Swiss Photo Club provides pragmatic, to the point photography courses for all levels of skill and experience. You can learn about the fundamentals of photography from the ground up and gain a deep understanding of what creative photography is really all about.

I am providing photography workshops at Swiss Photo Club for beginners, street photography, architecture, and urban landscape. My Swiss Photo Club workshops are available for booking via the homepage of the the Swiss Photo Club. Click on the link below to register with Swiss Photo Club. You will get a 10% discount with the code "THOMAS10".